App / Tool of the Week .... Livebinders

App / Tool of the Week .... Livebinders

Think of Livebinders as a Digital Trapper-keeper.  I like to use Liverbinders as a Digital Portfolio for my students.  Student can create a Digital Binder and add their work.  This Digital Binder can follow them through their Educational Career.  Students are then able to then show their growth.

Things You Can Add to Your Binder:

  • PDF, Word, & Spreadsheet Files 
  • Websites
  • Images
  • Videos 
  • Basically anything you can make digital can be added.

Ways to Use Livebinders:

  • Organize Class Resources
  • Science Fair Projects
  • Class Projects
  • Research Projects
  • Showcase Student Work
  • An Assessment Tool

Example of a Digital Portfolio:

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