App / Tool of the Week .... Google Draw

App / Tool of the Week .... Google Draw

My students have been busy learning how to use Google Draw to illustrate for a children's story.  They learned that they could layer shapes over other shapes to create a totally different shape or object.  They also discovered that they could group their shapes together to avoid messing up their new object or shape.
I like to give my students a day of "Sandbox Day".  On this day they get a chance to play around and learn a new app or tool.  The only instruction I give them is explore and discover what the app or tool can do.  Some students take off and go to town exploring, discovering, and trying different things.  While others just look at the screen with a blank stare while repeating out loud that don't know what to do.  As teachers we can't assume just because they are kids and they have grown up with all of this technology around them that they know how to use it.  I like think of myself as a cheerleader for my kids.  I encourage them to try things, click on something, hover your mouse over items or tools.  Once they get over the fear of trying something new some amazing creations start to flow.

Google Draw is free and can be found in your Google Drive.  I suggest you play, click, explore, and
build something with this tool.  It can be great tool for math, story telling, a writing prompt, and etc... It does have auto save like Google Docs and Google Sheets.  I suggest making sure that you name each drawing so you don't end up with a dozen Untitled Draws.  You can even make folders and save your drawing to them.

To use your Google Drawing as an image I suggest you download it as a jepg file.  This way you can import your drawing into apps, iMovie, web tools and etc...  When you are drawing you will notice your workspace has gray and white squares.  If you do not cover your entire work area with shapes or color those squares will become a white background after you download your image.

Willy the Wiggle Worm - Created in Google Draw

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